Straight-sided Log Basket

The Straight-sided Log Basket is a generous design incorporating a combination of decorative and strengthening stiches. It incorporates double twisted handles for easy lifting.

All the colours are natural and just different varieties of willow. No dyes, colourings or stains are used at all.

Comes in several sizes.


Boyne Log Basket

The Boyne Log Basket is my own design inspired by my home on the River Boyne. It's bulbous in shape and incorporates numerous strengthening stiches, two are bands of Irish Twist, which act just as steel bands would on a barrel. It also incorporates double twisted handles for easy lifting.

Comes in three sizes; small (15"), medium (17"), large (20").

Straight square log basket

Straight-sided Square Log Basket

The Straight-sided Square Log Basket is similar in construction to the traditional round straight-sided log basket but with a square profile to allow for even greater capacity.

Comes in several sizes.